Treat your hypertension naturally with vitamin D

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Treat your hypertension naturally with vitamin D

Sandi Cornez's insight:

Vitamin D supplementation s proving to be one of the very best ways people can improve their health and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, autoimmune diseases, rype 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and many types of cancer.

Vitamin D is produced naturally by the body upon exposure to sunlight.  As people age, it becomes harder for the body to make Vitamin D.

Some of the strongest support for Vitamin D effect on high blood pressure comes from a study presented at the 2012 meeting of the European Society of Hypertension. 112 patients in a Denmark hospital took part, 92 had low Vitamin D levels. 

At the end of the trial, the reduction in systolic blood pressure was as significant as what drugs do and without side effects. Systolic blood pressure is measured while the heart is beating, while diastolic is measured between beats. 

There are numerous studies being done on this key Vitamin.

Get as much sunlight as you can without suncreen for 20 minutes/day and supplement with Vitamin D3. 2000 – 5000 mg or more is recommended.

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