How to stay healthy despite seasonal changes

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Sandi Cornez's insight:

Seasonal changes often come with nagging illnesses. The essential idea to remember to keeping healthy through seasonal shifts or other changes is to transform your eating regimen – your "live-it", your  lifestyle choices, and your routines into a powerful seasonal medicine. Fall or Autumn is the season of conserving, condensing, and concentrating on the life force. It's a time to look inward.

To maintain balance in body, mind, and spirit, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that we need to harmonize our personal energy field with the larger more extended energy of nature of which we are energetically connected. With TCM seasonal changes are represented by yin and yang energies.

In Fall, yin energy replaces expansive yang energy of summer. Yin moves inward and downward in contrast to extroverted yang which moves outward and up.

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