Report Finds “Probable Carcinogens” in Municipal Water

mp post picFrom – August 21, 6:51 PM

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) releases a report finding "probable human carcinogens" in all municipal water samples tested.

Sandi Cornez's insight:

Environmental Working Group (EWG), a trusted resource for all things environmental released a report finding "probable human carcinogens" in all water samples from 201 municipal water systems from 43 states. Does this grab your attention or are you hiding under a rock believing that your water system is 100% safe?

EWG and many others want the government to clean up those sources of public drinking water, thereby reducing the need for chemical treatment. The report, "Water Treatment Contaminants: Toxic Trash in Drinking Water" was sparked by concerns about water contamination in the wake of SuperStorm Sandy (no relation to me) which spilled tens of millions of gallons of sewage into waterways along the East Coast. Continue reading