Nourishment for a Lifetime

1421738_56683347When you ask a child where food comes from, the answer might be from a can, a box, a bag, or a grocery store shelf. This is how far removed we’ve come from being one with Mother Nature.

Many people still today in the U.S. do not eat “real” food. What is “real” food? It’s food which comes from nature, it’s mostly plant based whole food such as fruits, vegetables, whole ancient grains/seeds, nuts, legumes,  and a small amount of  (for non-vegans and vegetarians) wild caught fish, organic pastured meats/eggs and dairy. What it’s not is that which comes with a long label of ingredients you can’t pronounce, you’ve never heard of; ones filled with chemicals, and grown with pesticides.

I learned a long time ago from a Nutritional Biochemist that what we eat, digest, and absorb is who we are digestively speaking. And much of what  the majority of people eat is not food anymore. For the average person/family, it’s getting harder to find real food that hasn’t been processed. It’s worse for people who live in rural areas with only a mini-mart. And for those people with larger families who do have access to grocery stores that offer healthier options, the sticker shock can sometimes be a turn off. Yet we know from research/studies and anecdotal remarks  that what one eats does make all the difference in terms of having a zestfully thriving life.

Nourishment for your total body, mind, spirit plays a key role in the biochemistry of the aging process as our digestive system takes in food and then metabolizes it correctly so that enzymes and other nutrients can get assimilated.

Good digestion is a choice for a healthy lifestyle. What this means is getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep a night, moving your body every day; whether it’s walking, exercise in a gym or at home, yoga, swimming, hiking, jogging, running, dancing, skipping, jump roping, or some other activity which you enjoy; interests/hobbies that feed your heart, mind, and spirit;  work that is fulfilling and purposeful for you.

Our cells get oxygenated through how well we feel, sleep, and digest our food. If you are anxious, stressed, or worried, you cannot digest your food properly. And if you eat your food too quickly, your stomach can’t digest the whole pieces. When you chew mindfully and take the time to chew each piece slowly, you’re giving your stomach a chance to create proper digestive juices and enzymes to break down the food into smaller particles. Undigested particles cause allergies and food intolerances that cause many people to suffer needlessly.

Eating more fermented foods, which helps with digestion, is recommended. There are two types of fermentation: wild and lactose – both essential for good digestion. Foods helpful in this arena are kefir, wild-fermented sauerkraut, kombucha tea, miso, natto, or starter culture yogurt. Donna Gates and her book, “Body Ecology” is highly recommended for beginners. You can make your own fermented foods. When purchasing store bought fermented foods, read the ingredient label carefully. Added sugar and/or words you can’t pronounce are probably best left on the store shelf.

And speaking of sugar, it’s best to limit your intake and be aware that sugar is often hidden in ingredient lists. Any word that ends in “ose” is most likely sugar such as sucrose, dextrose and many others.  Processed foods and all foods that do not say, “GMO Free” are best to cut out of your food regimen. The more fresh or frozen organic, pesticide free whole plant based fruits and vegetables, ancient grains, nuts, seeds, legumes that you consume, the healthier you will be, you will look, and you will feel. Disease does not exist in an alkaline environment.

Connect with local farmers at your town/city Farmer’s Markets. Most operate through end of December. There are many different Co-ops which support healthy living foods and grocery stores that encourage sustainability. If you live in an area where these resources are scarce, then consider purchasing from an organic farm that offers once/month delivery. Team up with some neighbors to split the cost. There are also reputable online organic farms where you can purchase nuts, seeds, and other sustainably grown foods. Again team up with neighbors and make it a community project. You’ll have fun and you’ll be helping your body to stay healthy.

What are some ways that you stay healthy? What are the foods you eat that nourish your body, mind, and spirit? For clients who have specific issues around food and want to know which foods serve the body, which foods help with specific health issues, what minerals, vitamins, supplements to take, how to lose fat and keep it off, how to have boundless energy at any age and other questions; I offer consultations and recommendations as to how to support the body’s own healing capacity.

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