Magnesium potently boosts vitamin D’s protection from heart disease, cancer and death

MagnesiumFrom October 14, 8:52 PM

Magnesium potently boosts vitamin D's protection from heart disease, cancer and death

Sandi Cornez's insight:

Magnesium, one of the very best minerals for your body  New research shows that magnesium is very important for the proper use of Vitamin D in your body.  It boost Vitamin D's protection from heart disease and colon cancer by nearly 500% and from overall death by 100%. So what this means is that those people with low magnesium levels are getting far less benefit from Vitamin D.

Bottom line – you're body can't use Vitamin D without magnesium. The three major enzymes responsible for storing and transporting Vitamin D in your body are all magnesium dependent.

A high magnesium intake appears to boost Vitamin D levels. One new study from the U.S.  has just shown that adults with a magnesium intake of  more than 420 mg daily were 66% less likely to be Vitamin D deficient than those with lower intakes. And those who took at least 100mg daily of supplemental magnesium had 70% less risk of being Vitamin D deficient. And magnesium boosts the benefit of Vitamin D for survival over 100%.

Studies show that 79% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. Food and supplements will correct this deficiency.

Buckwheat,  quinoa, millet, brown rice; beans and lentils,  dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach, swiss chard;,nuts – almonds, brazil nuts, cashews and seeds – pumpkin and squash seeds and sesame seeds; Mackerel,  avocados, plain non-fat yogurt with no added sugar, bananas, dired figs, and dark chocolate. site is being curated by Sandi Cornez. Follow Sandi for more great healthy food tips and wisdom

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