How to stay healthy despite seasonal changes

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Sandi Cornez's insight:

Seasonal changes often come with nagging illnesses. The essential idea to remember to keeping healthy through seasonal shifts or other changes is to transform your eating regimen – your "live-it", your  lifestyle choices, and your routines into a powerful seasonal medicine. Fall or Autumn is the season of conserving, condensing, and concentrating on the life force. It's a time to look inward.

To maintain balance in body, mind, and spirit, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that we need to harmonize our personal energy field with the larger more extended energy of nature of which we are energetically connected. With TCM seasonal changes are represented by yin and yang energies.

In Fall, yin energy replaces expansive yang energy of summer. Yin moves inward and downward in contrast to extroverted yang which moves outward and up.

Each seasonal change requires specific adjustments in our body, mind, and spirit, so we can maintain abundant health year round.

Suggestions for harmonious energizing in the Fall season:

1. Leting go – A wonderful way to declutter whether it be your home, your office, or your life.

Consider donating or selling items not longer needed or used by you. To others it will be a treasure. 

Start a journal practice or continue with one – using a recorder works too. Review the previous year's attitudes, emotional patterns, values/priorities, intentions/goals.

Create a fire ceremony for letting go. Or go to a body of water and drop little stones into the water. The stones representing specific issues or limitation that you need to resolve, but have been hanging onto.

2. Start a daily deep breathing practice. Slowly breathe in from the belly healing energy and slowly breathe out by the nose old emotional baggage and negativity.

3. Massages with warming qualities from the oils used or saunas help to detox.

4. Acupuncture or a yoga practice helps to remove energy blockages. Meditation helps you to turn inward to your source or center.


Suggestions for Food Recommendations:

Chinese medicine classifies food according to taste:: sweet, bitter, pungent, astringent, salty, and sour; and according to temperature: cold, cool, warm, and hot.

Bitter foods move foods to the lower or yin part of the body. Astringent foods are contracting and sour. Pungent foods are also balancing during Fall.

Cooked organic root veggies are excellent Fall and Winter foods. Autumn foods are moving inward and downward towards the earth like the energy in root vegetables.

Beets, carrots, parsnips, rutabagas, turnips, potatoes are widely available in the Fall.

In Fall eliminate raw, cool, and cold foods in favor of cooked, warm and deeply nourishing foods. Soups, stews, and warm beverages.

Apples and pears and cooked or baked fruits are nourishing in the Fall.

Add pungency to food with onion, garlic, tumeric, cumin, and leeks which stimulate the lungs and help digestion. These foods help the digestive tract and also help to eliminate gas.

Keep your lungs moistened without mucus and your bowels moving regularly without constipation.

An old Chinese saying: "When you are skick, don't look for a cure – instead find your center and you will heal."

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