How I Healed My Hypoglycemia

Years ago hypoglycemia hit me square in my bloodstream. I was eating some processed foods, store bought crackers that lowered my blood sugar. Lowered blood sugar means that cells throughout your body, including your brain, aren't getting the fuel they need to function at their best. Studies show that the majority of people with hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, usually suffer from depression too. Reading the label, I thought the food I was eating was healthy, and yet because these type of foods are so addictive, I didn't realize how much of it was being consumed including hidden sugars. The result being weight gain, rash on my face, sluggish feeling, and non activity. Working with my Naturopathic doctor, I developed my own clean green food regimen, and began walking many miles daily. Within three months, that hypoglycemia was a thing of the past.

Has this ever happened to you? You come home from work, you're bone tired, and all you want is to do is bite into the tantalizing, mouth watering, soul satisfying taste of a little piece of heaven – a chocolaty delight; be it truffle, brownie, chocolate peanut butter cups, hempseed balls, chocolate pudding, chocolate fudge, or a chocolate bar; and your cupboard is bare. You tear through all your hidden places, your purse, your fridge, your freezer, your garage, if you have one. Nothing, a big fat zero, zilch. So, you get back in your car and race to your market. Here's where things can get even dicier. Perhaps you're a little like me and you want this chocolatey dessert to be healthy, be made with real whole plant based foods, which are nutritious and healing; to be organic because you really don't want a bunch of pesticides in your bloodstream, and you want just a hint of sweetness powered by dates, figs, or raisins; and sometimes maple syrup. Maybe, like me, you found out the hard way about the harmful effects of sugar, aka "sweet poison" and sugar like sweeteners. Searching through your market, reading labels, and getting downright discouraged because it's difficult to find what works for you and your body. Yes, there's loads of organic sweet treats today. However the majority of them are made with sugar, or agave, or a combination of sweeteners that leave an aftertaste in your mouth and still raise and/or lower your blood sugar. What's a woman to do?

Educating myself on plant based food and its healing benefits became my quest so as to empower you to make better food choices on your life's journey. Recently I created my "Healthy Bytes" plant based raw desserts. If you're searching for a scrumptious chocolaty lightly sweetened treat, come visit my blog for easy to make plant based dessert recipes and healthy food/water tips. And for those of you in the Portland area, I welcome connection, collaboration, and shared interest.

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