Are you eating pumpkin seeds for amazing health benefits?

199183_3467Fall is the time of year, we think of cozying down, sipping hot drinks, and visiting pumpkin patches with our grandkids or just for fun with a loved one.

Pumpkins are delicious as food and not just for decorations at holiday gatherings. When you’re opening up that pumpkin, remember to save the seeds. Wash them from the stringy pulp in a strainer and let them dry overnight. Then just pour some olive or avocado oil in a baking pan, spread the dried seeds, shake on some sea salt or nutritional yeast if desired, and bake at a low temperature (325 degrees) for about 15 minutes or so. Check often and shake the pan so the seeds don’t burn. Pure heaven. Continue reading

How My Brain Stays Young

Today in the news we hear about diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. People suffering from these types of neurodegernative diseases have major inflammation in their bodies. Why is inflammation so rampant in our society today? Stress is a big contributor, the introduction of thousands of chemicals into the environment is another huge contributor, and the foods we consume can cause an inflammatory response in our body. Continue reading