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From www.everydayhealth.com March 26, 10:13 AM

 From berries to beets to walnuts, including these simple suggestions into your diet may be the key to your own longevity.

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Great article. Again remember that veggies and fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy fats and others are the key to healthy living.


How to stay healthy despite seasonal changes

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Seasonal changes often come with nagging illnesses. The essential idea to remember to keeping healthy through seasonal shifts or other changes is to transform your eating regimen – your "live-it", your  lifestyle choices, and your routines into a powerful seasonal medicine. Fall or Autumn is the season of conserving, condensing, and concentrating on the life force. It's a time to look inward.

To maintain balance in body, mind, and spirit, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that we need to harmonize our personal energy field with the larger more extended energy of nature of which we are energetically connected. With TCM seasonal changes are represented by yin and yang energies.

In Fall, yin energy replaces expansive yang energy of summer. Yin moves inward and downward in contrast to extroverted yang which moves outward and up.

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Pranayama and the scientific inquiry into breath

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From www.naturalnews.com October 21, 10:45 AM

Pranayama and the scientific inquiry into breath

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Breathing comes naturally to us. and for most of us we don't give it a second thought.

Did you know that breathing in a certain way can improve your immune system.? This summer I was experiencing issues with my ears after having driven up to a much higher elevation than I'm accustomed to driving. I have very small ear canals and the pressure had built up so that the pain in my ear was very uncomfortable.

A friend suggested that I breathe through my nose on both inhale and exhale. I remembered that I had learned about Pranayama Breathing from Dr Sue Morter and had even practiced doing it. And so I breathed this way every 15 minutes or so. And within less than an hour the pain in my ear was gone. WOW – just breathe a certain way and your pain goes away. Continue reading

Walking in Nature: A Spiritual Exercise

 Saturday was a lovely perfect Spring day in Portland, OR,  not too warm yet plenty of sunshine. A perfect day to go visit my "soulful, joyful" place. It had been exactly 10 days that I had completely moved all of my things from my old house to my new home and I was ready for a good long walk. Continue reading