About Sandi

378025_2670250089212_1730910062_nSandi Cornez, business woman, is a Food Consultant/Health and Wellness Educator, simplifying secrets to women like you through your golden years.  She empowers clients like you, to work towards a committed focus to having your best day every day. Sandi helps you to cut through the confusion/hype and discover what works best for your body, mind, and spirit through the choices you make.  

Sandi discovered these secrets when she went through a period of ill health in her 60’s. She had always eaten fairly healthy so she thought and yet at this time, she began noticing her weight gain in her abdomen, waist, and face. It wasn’t as if she had gained 50 or more pounds, however because she’s small in stature and small boned, the 10-20 pound extra weight gain was significant for her. In addition to the weight gain, her complexion on her face changed to a rosacea look, her scalp was red and scaly near her forehead. The only difference in her regimen she noted was that she had done a sugar scrub mask on her face the night before. The next day she began noticing the red patches on her face and forehead. These two issues were her body’s way of telling her there was a problem.

Perhaps like you at first she didn’t really listen to her body. Yes she was very good at helping other people with their body’s health issues, but when it came to her own health issues, she ran around looking for help for the symptoms, not the cause. It wasn’t until her body turned up the heat and reached critical mass, that she finally woke up and realized that her body was telling her something was radically wrong – it was missing vital healthy nutrients in the food she was eating and in the food she wasn’t eating. And she, who had always been very physically active had gotten into the sitting at her computer syndrome. She wasn’t moving very much at all during the day, except when she got in her car and drove to a meeting or took care of her house. On the weekends she walked quite a bit, yet during the week, she didn’t do enough moving throughout the day for her body to benefit.

When she decided to truly commit and really listened to her body, she found out  that her blood pressure was very high, way too high and her blood glucose levels were very low. What precipitated this disclosure was a blessing in disguise. Sandi had had some issues a number of years ago in that she was not getting enough potassium, a critical electrolyte for the body. Her Naturopath had recommended she take Alcer’s Electro-lyte with no added sugar which she did take a packet every day in the morning. During this particular stressful time with her weight gain and skin issue, she wasn’t taking the packets on a daily basis and she wasn’t eating enough critical protein as her ND had recommended. Sandi was a vegetarian who ate eggs, no dairy. Finally her body said, “OK girl, I have to do something so you will really listen to me”. And Sandi woke up one morning, went into the kitchen to get her morning breakfast prepared and the next thing she knew she was on the floor. Fortunately, Sandi has really good bones. This was only the third time in her life that she had fallen. Once when she was a young girl, she fell after a doctor administered a shot. The 2nd time was during a paper route trip as she tripped over a cracked sidewalk. Again great bones. And now the third time. This time she got right up from the floor and called her ND, gave her the information and listened as her Doctor explained to her what was happening in her body.

Sandi worked with her ND to change some of her eating habits and she began researching online to find out more information. Sandi had hypoglycemia, an inadequate supply of blood glucose to the brain. In Sandi’s case her body wasn’t getting enough protein and she had consumed too much fruit for her body to handle.  Everyone’s body is different. Her ND told her to do some food combining which Sandi did after researching the information.  The other point that her ND told Sandi to do was to reduce her fruit consumption drastically. Sandi didn’t eat any refined sugar, however she had been drinking a vitality beverage which was fruit sweetened which she stopped drinking and opted to take the capsules instead. And she had been making green smoothies with greens and fruit which she stopped for awhile and instead drank a Green Food powdered drink called MetaGreens. Sandi began to research and create her own food regimen along with beginning a walking program for herself. After just three months following her own plan with her ND’s approval, Sandi was back to walking 4-5 miles a day, had dropped the weight she had gained and was eating far better for her body’s optimal health and well being than she previously had ever eaten. And after three months time, Sandi’s blood sugar was balanced and her blood pressure was in the good range. Sand then began to eat a little fruit again in the evening with some protein. Gradually she increased the amount of fruit aways with protein and the times of day that she ate the fruit.  Today Sandi eats fruit with nuts/seeds and a green smoothie for brunch. She often has one or two small pieces of fruit with her later meal. She is physically active and enjoys having her best day every day. Connect with Sandi to have your best day every day.

Sandi’s expertise is in foods that serve us, that nourish our body, mind, and spirit. She is also a rep with Univera, premium quality nutritional supplements and with Multipure, Drinking Water Systems.

She is the author of “Breakthrough Nutrition: 10 Proven Steps to a Healthier You”, co-author for “My Very Best Advice:20 Successful Online Women Cut to the Chase" both on Amazon Kindle. You can find Sandi at: www.amazon.com/author/sandicornez