3 Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Are you still struggling with trying to lose that darn belly fat? You wish you could lose that last 5, 10, or 15 pounds. How did this fat around your middle come to be? You've tried everything that mainstream medicine advocates and still that unsightly belly fat hasn't gotten smaller or gone away.

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Could be you're looking for help in the wrong place. Many people know that most mainstream "diet" information is incorrect and will really make you fatter and sick. Unfortunately the government, media, and foodmanufacturers dictate to us what is healthy and what isn't, and yet their advice is often not based on science, is misinformation, and harmful to your health and won't help you to lose fat. Did you know that they target women most often by promoting products like sugar free yogurts with ingedients like aspartame, food coloring, and other preservatives? And also promoted are "diet" sodas and fruit juices that contain harmful artificial sweeteners (aspartame) with no nutritional value. In addition, prepackaged processed "diet" foods are promoted that will cause your belly to get larger and cause inflammation which causes chronic conditions like Diabetes and other diseases.

Many of these so called "health" foods have questionable ingredients that cause your brain to become addicted to wanting more and more of that non food. Constantly eating these fake foods creates a vicious cycle putting your body on a never ending roller coaster ride which puts your health in jeopardy.

The good news is you can break the addiction by following these 3 proven ways to lose belly fat.

1.  Create a Food Journal – seeing your information in writing of what foods you're eating, how much, what times of day, and your mood gives you a rare insight/an awareness into how food/nutrition affects every aspect of who you are from your thinking to your physical and emotional behaviors.  Your Food Journal helps you to see clearly how much food you're eating every day, what kind of foods cause  you to experience moodswings, and what time of day triggers more food consumption/other behaviors concerning food. You'll discover why you crave "comfort" foods and later on you'll learn about healthier "comfort" foods that make you feel good. And many times it's not even the foods your wanting, but rather just to know that someone cares, someone loves you. A hug goes a long way to giving you that feeling. You will use your Food Journal notes to write your food shopping list. As you progress in your Food Journal each week, you will learn which foods to eliminate and which foods to add for healthier options.

2.  Plan your Weekly Shopping Trip List – by going to the grocery store just once a week with your list,  you avoid those last minute grocery trips with no list which wastes your precious time, costs more of your hard earned dollars, and traps you with those "eye-candy" marketing ploys where you grab the first sugary things that you see. Going food shopping in today's world can cause total confusion with so many choices avaiable all vying for your attention. That's why a list is invaluable. A list helps you to know which foods you and your family will eat for that week, the foods that will make up your meals. From your Food Journal notes you can begin to add healthier foods such as more produce(veggies and fruits), healthy fats like avocado, olive and coconut oils, nuts/seeds, and ancient grains like quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, millet which won't spike your blood sugar as the fake foods which cause you to gain belly fat and get sick more often do. When you add fruit, cinnnamon, vanilla and raw carob to your list, you have the makings of delicious nutritious sweet treats you and your family will enjoy.

3.  Preparing Your Meals – cooking your own meals will save you time, money, and create connection for you, your family, friends/neighbors. Creating your own meals helps you to know about the healthy foods you're eating which help your body to burn fat, not store it.  We live in a fast paced time crunching culture today which values speed above time honored practices such as preparing a home cooked meal together. When you make the time to plan and prepare a meal for yourself, with your family or with friends,neighbors, you are honoring your body, your health, and the health of your loved ones. Set aside a weekend or evening to cut up veggies, make soups/stews and freeze portions, make some healthy grains to add to your soups or to eat as a side dish with cut up cooked veggies. Make a one pot slow cooker meal with beans, lentils, split peas or use canned. Buy in bulk which saves you money and time. Store ingredients in glass jars with labels such as nuts/seeds to have on hand for healthy snacks or toppings for your own homemade hot or cold cereals. Make grab and go servings for work/school/home. Invite your neighbors/friends for a healthy potluck and reignite connections. You'll have fun, laugh a lot, and release feel good hormones. Cooking a meal with real whole foods is an act of love. Bring more love into your life and the life of your loved ones.

When you eat real whole foods as opposed to refined sugars and fake processed foods, you're giving your body the nourishment it needs and recognizes. Your body in turn will reward you with healthy skin, strong bones, focused mind, energy and stamina, a thin body, and the ability to get well faster after an illness. What you eat, digest, and absorb matters. Following these 3 proven ways to lose your belly fat will start you on your wellness journey to a lifetime of healthy eating and healthy living. You can have a zestful life through your golden years.


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